Welcome to the Dawn of AI powered Deal Making

Tap into the dormant potential in every contract, no matter the size, nature, or complexity. Uncover strategic negotiation insights and harness the power of AI.

AI Driven Negotiation

Leverage AI and contract intelligence to gain strategic insights into your negotiations. Make informed decisions with the help of AI.

Autonomous Negotiation

Utilize AI intelligence to conduct informed, autonomous negotiations, streamlining your contract process.

Human-in-the-Loop Negotiations

Human-in-the-loop negotiations blend AI efficiency and human judgement, granting you direct involvement in crucial decision-making.

Negotiation Management

Track all negotiations and manage communication effectively, ensuring no opportunity slips through.

Autonomous Workflow

Relish the ease of hands-off negotiation with our AI that independently navigates the negotiation process. Free up your workforce to focus on what matters - strategy and decision-making.

Streamlined Collaboration

Invite your counterparts to the negotiation table effortlessly while maintaining full control of your negotiation parameters.

AI-Powered Risk Assessment

Wise Counsel evaluates potential risks associated with every contract, helping you to preempt and prepare for possible scenarios and outcomes.

Continuous Learning

Wise Counsel AI learns continuously from past negotiations, honing its intelligence to provide even more accurate insights and strategic recommendations.

Experience Wise Counsel AI

  • Gain a competitive edge with AI-driven negotiation and contract intelligence.
  • Experience hands-off negotiation process with our autonomous workflow.
  • Boost client relationships with comprehensive negotiation management.
  • Get instantaneous updates and strategic recommendations with real-time AI.