As part of our mission to ensure AI benefits all of humanity, we aim to drive responsible development, deployment, and use of our models in the context of India's unique challenges and opportunities. This involves addressing digital literacy gaps, accommodating language diversity, and working with infrastructural limitations.

Safety in Deployment

We diligently monitor the use of our tools within the Indian market and update safety mitigations based on what we learn about model risks and capabilities, underlining our leadership in commercial AI deployment in India.

Our Principles

Minimize Harm

We aim to build safety into our AI tools wherever possible and strive to reduce harms posed by the misuse or abuse of our AI tools aggressively. We have mechanisms in place for user feedback, independent audits, and third-party verification to ensure we minimize harm effectively.

Build Trust

Together with our Indian user and developer community, we share the responsibility of supporting safe, beneficial applications of our technology. We also aim to build trust by maintaining transparency when things go wrong and promptly taking corrective measures.

Learn and Iterate

We continually observe and analyze how our models behave and are used in India and seek input on our approach to safety to improve our systems over time.

Be a Pioneer in Trust and Safety

We actively support research into the unique trust and safety challenges posed by generative AI in India. This involves collaboration with academic institutions, research organizations, and other tech companies to stay at the forefront of AI safety and ethics.

As the renowned AI scientist, Andrew Ng, once said, "AI is the new electricity. Just as electricity transformed almost everything 100 years ago, today I have a hard time thinking of an industry that I don’t think AI will transform in the next several years." By adhering to these principles and focusing on responsible development and deployment of AI in India, we aim to contribute positively to this transformative era, ensuring that AI serves as a powerful tool for progress and innovation in India.

Documents and policies

We’ve created and compiled resources about our safety practices. We aim to educate users about the strengths and limitations of AI, manage user expectations, and uphold trust and safety as you engage with our products.

Responsible Deployment of AI and Safety Standards Policy

1. Introduction

At Wise Counsel, we are committed to the responsible deployment of artificial intelligence (AI) in our products and services. This policy outlines our approach to ensuring the safe, ethical, and effective use of AI in all aspects of our operations.

2. Objectives

The primary objectives of our Responsible Deployment of AI and Safety Standards Policy are to:

Ensure the safety and well-being of our users, employees, and stakeholders

Promote transparency, accountability, and fairness in our AI systems

Uphold the highest ethical standards in our AI development and deployment

Continuously improve the performance and reliability of our AI solutions

3. Guiding Principles

To achieve these objectives, we adhere to the following guiding principles:

3.1. Safety by Design We prioritize safety throughout the development and deployment of our AI systems. This includes rigorous testing and validation processes, as well as the implementation of safety features to mitigate potential risks.

3.2. Transparency and Explainability We strive to make our AI systems transparent and explainable, ensuring that users can understand the basis for AI-generated outputs and have access to clear, concise explanations of how our AI models work.

3.3. Fairness and Non-Discrimination We are committed to addressing potential biases in our AI systems and promoting fairness in their outcomes. Our AI models are designed and trained to avoid discrimination based on race, gender, age, or any other protected characteristics.

3.4. Privacy and Data Protection We adhere to strict privacy and data protection standards in the development and deployment of our AI systems. This includes compliance with all relevant data protection laws and regulations, as well as the implementation of robust data security measures.

3.5. Human Oversight and Control We believe that AI should complement, not replace, human expertise. Our AI systems are designed to support human decision-making, and we ensure that appropriate levels of human oversight and control are maintained at all times.

Implementation and Monitoring To ensure the effective implementation of this policy, we will:

Provide regular training and guidance to our employees on responsible AI deployment and safety standards

Conduct periodic audits and assessments of our AI systems to identify potential risks and areas for improvement

Establish a dedicated AI Ethics Committee to oversee and advise on ethical considerations in AI development and deployment

Continuous Improvement We are committed to continuously improving our AI systems and safety standards. We will actively engage with relevant stakeholders, including users, industry experts, and regulators, to stay informed of best practices and emerging trends in AI safety and ethics.

Wise Counsel is dedicated to the responsible deployment of AI and the maintenance of robust safety standards in our products and services. By adhering to this policy and its guiding principles, we aim to provide our users with AI-driven solutions that are not only effective and efficient but also safe, ethical, and transparent.

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