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Navigate your contract negotiations effortlessly at scale

Empower your contract negotiations with Wise Counsel AI, harnessing the combined power of our AI-driven negotiation engine, contract insights, and robust data analytics.

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Create a free account

Gain access to AI driven platform with vast capabilities.

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Add team members to your project

Work collaboratively, combining collective intelligence with AI-driven insights.

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Set Negotiation Parameters

Define your contract negotiation boundaries, preferences, and strategy with ease.

Step 4

Invite Counterparty

Invite your negotiation counterpart into a secure, intuitive deal-making environment.

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Initiate Autonomous Negotiations

Utilize AI intelligence to conduct informed, autonomous negotiations, streamlining your contract process.

Step 6

Maximize Business Opportunities

Exploit the full potential of your contracts to maximize opportunities, improve terms and propel your business growth.

Leverage AI for Cutting Edge Negotiations

Transform Your Business with Autonomous, AI-Powered Negotiations

AI-Powered Negotiation

Utilize our advanced AI systems to transform your contract negotiation process, enabling better outcomes and efficiencies.

Data-Informed Decisions

Make your negotiation decisions based on robust, data-driven insights, removing the guesswork and enhancing accuracy.

Autonomous Workflow

Experience the unprecedented ease of hands-off negotiation, guided by our AI that autonomously navigates the negotiation process.

Streamlined Collaboration

Invite your counterparts to the negotiation table effortlessly. Foster a collaborative environment while maintaining full control of your negotiation parameters.