Discover how Wise Counsel AI is driving transformation in the Automotive industry.

AI-driven deal-making revolutionizes your operations, fueling remarkable efficiency gains, reducing costs, and unearthing invaluable opportunities in contract negotiations. Experience the game-changing use case that sets new standards for success in automotive deal-making.


Turbocharge Automotive Savings

Wise Counsel AI goes beyond identifying cost-saving opportunities. We assist Automotive companies in unlocking an average of 8% in additional savings within their contracts. It's like finding spare change in your car seat, but for your business.


Discover Hidden Contractual Value

Look beyond the surface of your contracts to find hidden value. Wise Counsel AI helps Automotive companies discover an impressive average additional value of 15% within their contracts.


Fast-Track Automotive Agreements

By automating and streamlining negotiation processes, Wise Counsel AI enables Automotive companies to accelerate agreements, closing deals 27% faster than the industry average. It's not just about speed; it's about setting a new industry standard.

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Rev up your automotive company with Wise Counsel AI, the autonomous negotiation suite that accelerates success. Discover new partnerships, seize opportunities, and negotiate favourable terms with ease.

Experience the future of deal-making in the automotive industry with our AI-powered negotiation platform. Streamline your negotiations, drive significant cost reductions, and uncover hidden value within your contracts. Harness the power of state-of-the-art AI capabilities tailored to meet industry standards.

Reduce contract closure time by an average of 27%.
Accelerate Contract Closures
Achieve an average of 5 to 15% cost savings through optimized supplier negotiations.
Optimize Supplier Negotiations
Slash the time required for parts procurement processes by an average of 32%.
Boost Efficiency in Parts Procurement

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