Discover how Wise Counsel AI is tailoring the Fashion and Apparel industry.

Our AI-driven solution reinforces efficiency, trims costs, and uncovers hidden treasures in contract negotiations. Seamlessly navigate the unique challenges of fashion deals with our specialized suite. Embrace a streamlined negotiation process that propels your business to the forefront of the industry.


Thread Together Savings

Wise Counsel AI doesn't just identify cost-saving opportunities. We assist Fashion and Apparel businesses in weaving together an average of 10% in additional savings within their contracts[^1^]. It's like finding a designer piece at an outlet price.


Unravel Hidden Contractual Value

Unpick the threads of your contracts to find hidden value. Wise Counsel AI aids Fashion and Apparel businesses in discovering an incredible average additional value of 18% within their contracts.


Fast-Fashion Your Agreements

By automating and streamlining negotiation processes, Wise Counsel AI enables Fashion and Apparel firms to fast-fashion their agreements, closing deals 28% faster than the industry average. It's not just about speed; it's about setting the trend.

Let's work together

Transform your Fashion and Apparel company with Wise Counsel AI, the autonomous negotiation suite that drives success. Unleash the true potential of your fashion and apparel contracts with Wise Counsel AI as your trusted partner.

Experience streamlined negotiations, significant cost reductions, and the unthreading of hidden value within your contracts, all driven by advanced AI capabilities.

Reduce contract closure time by an average of 28%.
Quick-Change Contract Closures
Achieve an average of 10 to 20% cost savings through optimized supplier negotiations.
Optimize Supplier Negotiations
Cut down the time required for merchandise procurement processes by an average of 30%.
Increase Efficiency in Merchandise Procurement

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