Witness how Wise Counsel AI is revolutionizing the Import and Export industry

Our cutting-edge AI solution enhances efficiency, curbs costs, and reveals hidden profits within contract negotiations. Seamlessly navigate the complexities of global trade with our specialized suite, tailored to meet the unique demands of import and export operations.


Uncover Additional Savings

Wise Counsel AI doesn't just spot cost-saving opportunities. We assist import/export firms in unearthing an average of 12% in additional savings within their contracts. It's like finding a lucrative trade route you didn't know existed.


Discover Hidden Contractual Treasures

Navigate your contracts to discover hidden value. Wise Counsel AI aids import/export firms in unveiling an impressive average additional value of 19% within their contracts.


Expedite Your Agreements

By automating and streamlining negotiation processes, Wise Counsel AI enables import/export firms to quicken their agreements, closing deals 27% faster than the industry average. It's not just about speed; it's about setting the pace in global trade.

Let's work together

Steer your import/export company toward success with Wise Counsel AI, the autonomous negotiation suite that propels achievement. Experience streamlined negotiations, substantial cost reductions, and the discovery of hidden treasures within your contracts, all navigated by state-of-the-art AI capabilities.

Experience the transformative power of Wise Counsel AI and lead the charge in revolutionizing the Import and Export industry. Discover new avenues of profitability and elevate your business to new heights of excellence.

Reduce contract closure time by an average of 27%.
Accelerate Contract Closures
Achieve an average of 12 to 22% cost savings through optimized supplier negotiations.
Optimize Supplier Negotiations
Cut down the time required for goods procurement processes by an average of 30%.
Increase Efficiency in Goods Procurement

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