Say hello to a new era in Real Estate

Our autonomous negotiation suite is here to transform your experience, making negotiations smoother, cost management simpler, and uncovering the hidden potential in your contracts. Our AI negotiation platform anticipates and responds to potential roadblocks, helping you secure optimal deals faster and with greater ease than ever before.


Optimize Working Capital

Unlock the power of Wise Counsel AI's negotiation suite to optimize your working capital.


Accelerate Deal Closures

By automating and streamlining the negotiation process, Wise Counsel AI enables real estate companies to reduce deal closure time by an average of 20%.


Identify Hidden Opportunities

Wise Counsel AI's AI-powered analytics can identify potential revenue opportunities within contracts, helping real estate companies unlock an average of 10% additional revenue.

Let's work together

Boost your real estate enterprise with Wise Counsel AI. It's more than just sealing deals, it's about transforming the whole process of how they're created and closed. Get ready to change the way you do real estate, one successful deal at a time.

We understand that every penny counts in real estate, which is why our suite is designed to ensure your resources are utilized most effectively. This efficiency not only saves time but fosters better relationships with clients and partners, making transactions smoother and more amicable.

Reduce deal closure time by an average of 20%
Accelerate Deal Closures
Achieve an average of 1 to 12% of cost savings through optimized vendor negotiations.
Optimize Vendor Negotiations
Reduce the time required for property acquisition by 25%
Increase Efficiency in Property Acquisitions

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