Experience how Wise Counsel AI is tailoring the Retail industry

Our AI-based deal making platform revolutionizes the way you negotiate, bringing you unbeatable advantages. Increase your sales, negotiate better deals, and stay ahead of the competition. Experience streamlined negotiations, significant cost reductions, and the discovery of hidden value within your contracts, all sewn together by advanced AI capabilities.


Unravel Extra Savings

Wise Counsel AI doesn't just spot cost-saving opportunities. We assist Retail businesses in untangling an average of 10% in additional savings within their contracts. It's like finding a designer label at a discount rack price.


Reveal Hidden Contractual Gems

Sift through your contracts to uncover hidden value. Wise Counsel AI helps Retail businesses discover an average additional value of 15% within their contracts.


Speed Up Your Agreements

By automating and streamlining negotiation processes, Wise Counsel AI enables Retail firms to quicken their agreement timelines, closing deals 23% faster than the industry average. It's not just about speed; it's about leading the retail revolution.

Let's work together

Dress your Retail company for success with Wise Counsel AI, the autonomous negotiation suite that creates winning strategies. From supplier negotiations to pricing optimization, our platform empowers you with intelligent tools that drive revenue growth.

Leave no room for guesswork in your retail deals. Embrace AI-driven deal making to enhance accuracy, reduce risks, and make data-backed decisions that propel your business forward. With our AI-based platform, you can discover new partnerships, seize opportunities, and negotiate favorable terms with ease.

Reduce contract closure time by an average of 23%.
Speedy Contract Closures
Achieve an average of 8 to 18% cost savings through optimized vendor negotiations.
Optimize Vendor Negotiations
Trim down the time required for product procurement processes by an average of 28%.
Increase Efficiency in Product Procurement

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